Widex Dream 440 Fusion

This product has instant appeal from a cosmetics and discretion point of view, it is available in ear and behind ear styles but importantly, from a sound quality point of view as well. Although the immediate speech clarity is automatic and impressive right from the start, a lack of programming flexibility for clinicians sometimes means it is difficult to make very fine adjustments for specific hearing loss configurations or listening requirements. However, like no other device in the industry, the Widex Fusion offers a Widex designed receiver wire technology that fits better, retains in the ear better and is more comfortable than any other – a huge benefit in this receiver-in-canal range.


The Widex Dream hearing aids offer great all-round performance, especially with various genre’s of music. Their “Audibility Extender” is category leading (along with Starkey’s Spectral IQ), delivering an honest acoustic image of the original musical source. However, if you’ll be a heavy user of audio streaming, we recommend the ReSound Verso, Starkey Z Series or Siemens Binax instead, as these bluetooth hearing aids and wireless accessories offer more reliability and less battery drain than Widex.


Discreet Design


Noise Control


Speech Clarify


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