Starkey Z Series CIC

The Z Series, is Starkey’s latest full family of wireless products offering really nice performance, comfort and your own personalisation via a free simple to use App interface for smartphones. The Z Series also now comes in a very small wireless CIC. There is a model that can be made slightly smaller, called the 3 Series, which is non-wireless (ie. does not require the extra wireless receiver components so that it can be made smaller).


At the heart of Z Series is their proven digital signal processing technology coupled with best-in-class proprietary feedback management meaning that Starkey Z series will help in challenging environments like noisy restaurants, parties or when exercising whilst being one of the smallest and most discreet products available anywhere. You can expect a more natural 3D-like sound as the entire microphone design has been improved, over the industry-standard electret microphones, delivering a more consistent performance over time.


As has been the case for quite several years now, you can always expect Starkey to build beautifully small and very discreet solutions in the CIC style, better than most of their direct competitors.


Discreet Design


Noise Control


Speech Clarify


Ease of Use/ Control


Overall Performance


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