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An extraordinary product offering an extraordinary solution when fitted expertly. Starkey, a global leader in hearing technology has recently launched the Halo™, a new Made for iPhone® hearing aid which is now available. Rachel Deane at Hearing Studio fitted the first Halo devices in Australia. When fitted by a trained Audiological professional and combined with the TruLink™ Hearing Control app (free in the App store), Halo allows consumers to personalise their hearing experiences in any situation to an extent that was never before possible.


Halo brings together best-in-class hearing aid technology with the world’s most popular smartphone, providing a new, discreet option for addressing hearing loss that seamlessly connects with iOS devices to deliver a revolutionary new hearing solution that makes every aspect of life better – from conversations to phone calls to listening to music. Building on iPhone® features people already love including hands-free calling, music streaming and Siri®, Halo takes advantage of TruLink Technology and compatible Apple® devices to allow pristine audio streaming directly to the hearing aids.




Here are some highlights of Halo + TruLink:

  • Pristine Streaming: Stream calls, have emails and texts read to you by Siri®, stream FaceTime®, music and more from your iPhone directly to your hearing aids through a Bluetooth® connection. Plus the Bluetooth streaming means the devices are perfectly synchronized for optimal background noise control.
  • SoundSpace: Allows a wearer to easily adjust sound settings in any environment by simply moving a finger across the phone and saving the preferred setting as a TruLink Memory.
  • Personalised Programs: Allows wearers to personalize and geotag memories to match what they do and where they go and then change memories automatically when they return to a specific location – for example, Halo switches to Gym Memory when the wearer arrives at the gym.
  • Find My Hearing Aids: Provides the location and time stamp of Halo hearing aids that are lost or misplaced.
  • Live Microphone: stream, record, play back and email audio as it happens. Clear live voice streaming over distances has never been better .
  • TruLink, available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, is available for free on App Store.



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