Starkey Soundlens2

Simply the most innovative product this industry has seen in years, Soundlens is completely out of sight, sounds great and comes with a cool free App (recently improved further) that lets you control the volume and program settings! And in the first part of 2015, Soundlens2 has just been released as generation 2 of this fabulous product.


SoundLens2 is a deep insertion device that nestles comfortably in the ear canal, making it the smallest and most sophisticated device on the market today. Due to its size, the SoundLens2 has created a new style category in hearing devices, IIC or Invisible-In-Canal, and can be fitted for hearing losses up to moderate-severe. SoundLens2 incorporates Starkey’s industry leading “PureWave” feedback cancellation and “IQ” speech preservation/noise reduction technologies removing the muffled speech quality that often requires speech is repeated, especially in noisier situations.


SoundLens2 is available in three different levels of technology, and therefore, three price points meaning that invisible is now also affordable. This amazing miniaturised and sophisticated hearing aid is available in mid range 70, advanced 90 and premium 110.


Discreet Design


Noise Control


Speech Clarify


Ease of Use/ Control


Overall Performance


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