Sivantos Carat binax

The Siemens Carat Binax hearing aid is a tiny device set to launch in Australia in June 2015 and will be offered in a variety of performance levels: a premium 7bx, advanced 5bx and economy 3bx


“Binax” takes Siemens’ sound quality to a new high, due to a new sound processing platform. First, the microprocessing chip has approximately double the processing power of the previous Siemens microchip, enabling a finer resolution and more features. The additional processing capacity also enables new functions delivering a more natural sound than Siemens have previously offered in their products. Specifically, their often previously described ‘tinny’ sound, has now gone, hopefully forever, giving way a very smooth, clear and much more natural sound.


Available in the 7bx, 5bx and 3bx, the new micon chip offers up to 48 channels and an extended frequency range to 12 kHz, a whopping 18 million transistors and will process up to 250 million instructions per second. The advanced level Siemens Carat 5bx has an impressive feature set relative to its equivalent competitive products and is a very good choice for many people in this price bracket. The ultimate outcome and performance of your Pure 5bx hearing aid solution is dependent upon the Audiologists competency in designing the sound with this technology to suit your needs, so our advice is to ensure that you are working with an experienced professional.


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