Sivantos Ace 3bx, 5bx & 7bx

The Siemens (now known as Sivantos) Ace Binax hearing aid is a tiny device that launched in Australia in June 2015 that offers a variety of performance levels: a premium 7bx, advanced 5bx and economy 3bx – it punches well above its weight class. With the same sound processing technology as the premium 7bx, we often find that the 5bx is a more affordable alternative that doesn’t have quite the same level of sophistication in processing noise binaurally (both ears) but does deliver the same super fine resolution as the 7bx. The small size and superior speech clarity of the 5bx makes it head and shoulders above most others.


The Siemens Ace Binax 5bx follows its predecessor, Micon (or 5mi), for value, performance and design and for the record, the white ‘pearl’ colour is a beautiful soft iridescent colour that oozes style.


Discreet Design


Noise Control


Speech Clarify


Ease of Use/ Control


Overall Performance


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