Sivantos Insio 3bx, 5bx, 7bx

Now offering “binaural OneMic” directionality, Insio CICs offer a world first for single microphone custom hearing aids, making it one of the most interesting propositions in custom devices in over 3 years! In a nutshell, binaural OneMic offers automatic directionality and unprecedented noise reduction in a very small device. Previously, more sophisticated directional microphone features were reserved for two-microphone instruments but due to the enhanced performance of the Binax processing chip, binaural OneMic directionality uses the microphone signals from both instruments to significantly improve speech clarity in noisy situations. Importantly, in several professional situations, we are seeing how this technology can better ‘triangulate’ and detect where another person is and the direction from which they are speaking.


The Insio is packed with some incredible features and when Siemens have a good ear impression taken by the Audiologist, they can build a very small device, well-fitted device. Insio can even be designed as a bluetooth hearing aid, enabled to pair with accessories that give you more flexibility and control wherever you are. Bluetooth enabling increases the size of Insio slightly to house the additional bluetooth technology inside.


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