ReSound Verso 9, Verso 7

The Verso 9 (style “61” is pictured, hence Verso 961) is the latest in premium technology from Danish company ReSound. The most interesting new development offered in the Verso is a very effective and seamless feature called Binaural Fusion, which turns the devices from a matched pair to a synchronised system. These devices will detect an interfering noise from one side, inform the other side what needs to happen and together they will respond such that the noise is isolated and reduced, whilst the non-noise side takes up the speech clarity deficit. All automatically. All seamlessly. ReSound’s Binaural Fusion is one of the new synchronising technologies that actually works, unlike some that promise this sophisticated noise reduction but leave you wondering if it is actually doing anything at all for you. The Verso 561 and Verso 761 are lower levels of performance and price but created inside the same device housing.


The ReSound Verso 961 offers a TS model for the management of tinnitus as well and has iSolate Nanotech, a nanotechnology and waterproof coating that will prolong the life of the hearing aid by protecting it from wax (oil) and moisture. Most of the ReSound models have wireless capability and unlike some manufacturers, ReSound hearing aids do not require you to wear a neck loop to receive the signal. Instead, a clear strong signal is beamed directly from your TV streamer to the hearing aids.



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