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Ever wanted to just get in and program your hearing aids yourself? Are you convinced you could get those settings sounding just right if you could just fine-tune the programming at home? Here’s your answer, whilst keeping the safety and preservation of your residual hearing paramount – ReSound LiNX2 is here!


ReSound LiNX2 is a smartphone enabled hearing aid that offers direct streaming of all audio from iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and iPod touch, Galaxy S5 and newer (plus other android phones) allowing wearers to take phone calls in both ears directly from the phone via bluetooth connection and listen to music in high-quality stereo sound without the need for an additional remote control, an accessory nor neck-worn receiver. ReSound LiNX2 is accompanied by the ReSound Smart™ App which allows users to set preferred treble/bass settings, volume and use geo-tagging to assign and adjust to the acoustics of frequently visited places like home, work, favourite restaurants, cafes, church, lectures and more. ReSound Smart™ also features a ‘Find My Hearing Aid’ function to help users pinpoint their hearing aids if misplaced, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.


ReSound LiNX2 is available in premium level 9, Advanced level 7 and now in Mid Range 5 level technology with price points to match. One feature we are particularly pleased about is that ReSound have finally got rid of that crazy triangular shaped device (released in Alera and Verso). LiNX2 is a smaller, much more appealing and discreetly shaped device that tucks in behind your ear – thank goodness for that!


The one unique feature that we are excited about is that right from you smartphone App, these hearing aids give you control of the microphone directionality which significantly improves hearing that conversation in noisy situations, instantly. PLUS, you have a surrounding noise blocker slide control – both unique features to LiNX2 that its only other comparable product competitor (Starkey Halo) does not offer.
Both the ReSound LiNX and the Starkey Halo products are significant and exciting developments in the hearing industry that offer unparalleled customisation, connectivity and sound quality all in a small and easy to use personal hi-fi system that is professionally tailored to the clients needs.


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