Phonak Virto Nano

This Phonak Virto Q90 & Nano is Phonak’s most discreet custom hearing aid ever made. The Virto Nano is available in the premium Q90, the advanced Q70 and the mid range Q50 and Phonak are confident that it is virtually invisible. Although the sound quality is clean and crisp when designed expertly, there are smaller, equivalent technology level options built by other companies if discretion is most important. The Q90 Nano is occassionally larger than competitors IIC models.


However, the Quest sound processing platform is very nice indeed with a high speed and accurate digital audio processor that offers a natural sound, crisp clear speech and still offers a feature set designed to reduce background noise, making it easier to follow conversation even in noisy situations.


Discreet Design


Noise Control


Speech Clarify


Ease of Use/ Control


Overall Performance


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