Phonak Naida

The Phonak Naida Q90 is an elite performance, power behind-ear style device with a robust design made by one of the best companies in the world. You would only wear this product if you have a very large hearing loss and/or require something physically large enough to handle more easily. The sound quality of Phonak’s Quest sound processing platform is superb and at the Naida Q90 premium level, there really is no excuse for your Audiologist to not design the very best possible hearing solution for almost all listening situations. This technology is very nice. In the hands of any expert, the effectiveness and easy effortless hearing possibilities are endless.


If you have read other reviews, you will note that although the wireless solution offers a strong reliable signal, it also means you have to constantly wear it – around your neck! Although easy to use, in summer or if you are very active, this can be an obvious inconvenience. So speak to us about alternatives and new accessory options.


Discreet Design


Noise Control


Speech Clarify


Ease of Use/ Control


Overall Performance


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