Phonak Bolero BTE

The Phonak Bolero V90 is a premium model in the new high power range of behind-ear (BTE) devices built on the new Phonak Venture platform, and is the best high power BTE available from Phonak. This hearing aid suits a wide range of hearing losses, from mild to profound, and can be worn open-fit (with a soft dome that sits comfortably in the ear, therefore without a custom earmold), or with a custom earmold just like a traditional BTE hearing aid. Bolero also comes in the advanced level V70 and the mid-range level V50 and, sometimes confusingly until you know how, Phonak adds nomenclature to their models that refers to the power level in each model; M, P and the SP, increasing in power (possible loudness output) respectively, but if you have any questions about this product give us a call as these products require careful expert fitting.


Additionally, the Phonak Bolero V90 is a 20 channel hearing aid with 5 programmable memories and is compatible with Phonak’s entire wireless accessory range to give the wearer more control on the go.


Discreet Design


Noise Control


Speech Clarify


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