Phonak Audeo V50, V70 & V90

We like the Phonak Audeo V because not only is it a high performance customisable “personal hi-fi hearing compensation system”, but it has a sleek and robust design, is small for discretion and made by one of the best companies in the world. The sound quality of Phonak Audeo V hearing aids is driven by the new chip technology called “Venture” (“V” for”Venture”), providing twice the processing power than before while reducing battery consumption. Phonak has leveraged this to introduce the next generation of technology automation: AutoSense OS, promising better classification of ambient noise and control.


However, the Phonak Audeo V’s wireless functionality is a bit more cumbersome to manage compared to competitive products due to the wireless receiver being a neck-worn device called the iCom. A neck-worn receiver/transmitter allows for a strong reliable signal but means you have to constantly wear it. In summer or if you are very active, this can be a hassle. So speak to us about alternatives and we’ll help you understand the technical differences as they relate to your situation and needs.


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