Oticon IIC or CIC

Oticon introduced us to an award-winning new product called Intiga in 2011, with two styles; a RIC called Intiga and their first attempt at an IIC called Intiga-i. Focussing just on the custom in-ear style for a moment, the Intiga-i is now just known as an IIC or the CIC, available in the 10 (Alta2 Pro or premium level) and the 8 (Nera2 Pro or advanced level) channel options.


Oticon’s custom IIC and CIC models are very small (often smaller than the Nano, Verso and Micro, but often larger than the Starkey Soundlens) and offers Oticon’s Speech Guard sound processing technology, their best sound processor yet. There are a couple of negatives about Oticon IIC/CIC however, firstly, it has just one listening program and only a maximum of 10 channels, which means that for complex losses we may recommend an alternative IIC/CIC to provide a more tailored response for your hearing loss. On the plus side of the equation, the Oticon’s customs have great battery life, with up to 8 days on one 10A size battery.


Oticon received top prize in both the Industrial Design Business-to-Consumer Award category and the People’s Choice Award category at the Danish Design Award 2012.


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