Oticon Alta2 Pro miniRITE

Oticon’s new flagship product is called the Alta2 Pro, with a strong resemblance to the previous generation, and successful, Agil Pro. The Alta2 Pro, offers binaural (two ear) sound processing that delivers better performance for speech clarity in noisy environments.  Coupled with the directional microphones, there is a tangible improvement in places like restaurants and in the car. This second generation Alta2 Pro technology improves upon the Alta Pro in three ways – improved soft speech detail, which Oticon boldly calls “Brain Hearing Technology”; optional built-in tinnitus masking stimuli that helps to reduce the awareness of tinnitus and Alta2 Pro launches a new smaller RIC style device. Oticon has also redesigned the loudspeaker to be smaller and ergonomically designed, so the total size of the device is more compact. And if affordability is high on your agenda as well as performance, the advanced level technology from Opticon is the Oticon Nera2 Pro, another very nice option.


Drawback: However, of concern has always been their ability to control feedback, or the squeal hearing aids make when you increase the volume or not insert it correctly.  The Alta2 Pro promises to resolve this problem.  Despite these improvements, Oticon (and the other heavy-weight in the industry, Phonak) are yet to release direct pairing solutions for smartphones that remove the need to buy and carry additional connectivity devices. Competitors Starkey and Resound have achieved this beautifully.


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