Oticon Alta2 Pro DesignRITE

Oticon Alta2 and Alta2 Pro DesignRITE hearing aids, represents Oticon’s premium, smallest sized behind-ear models that offers up “BrainHearing technologies”, designed to help the brain make the best possible use of compensatory sound. Despite “BrainHearing” being one of the industry’s worst ever marketing terms, the sound quality is very clean and clear when programmed effectively for each clients’ exact need. Alta2 also offers “Soft Speech Booster”, to do just that in several listening environments.

With an Alta2 shaped specifically for you, you will experience enhanced sound and speech quality and be assured of a solution that is out of sight. And if you are looking for a more affordable option, the advanced level technology from Opticon in this designRITE style is called the Oticon Nera2 Pro, another very good option.


Discreet Design


Noise Control


Speech Clarify


Ease of Use/ Control


Overall Performance


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