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I am delighted with the assessment, advice and support I have received from Rachel and Hearing Studio - Mike D, Doctor, Husband, Golfer

We often take all of our senses for granted, until something happens. Hearing is just one of those things we often assume will always be there, but sometimes that just isn’t the case. The Hearing Studio was founded on the idea of being the best in audio technology to individuals who want a full range of high quality options.

Today, the team at The Hearing Studio is made up of knowledgeable Independent Audiologists specializing in the finest audiology technology. We manage to pair our patients with the best in technology at a price they can afford.

We Offer:

Experienced Independent Audiologists

  • Guide you through the different availability of hearing devices
  • A wide range of products
  • Competitive pricing
  • The highest in audiology technology
  • Quality manufacturing

The Hearing Studio Makes a Difference

Gone are the days when a hearing aid was uncomfortable, bulky and even embarrassing. Today devices are so small and offer so much clarity of hearing that they are almost invisible. Here at The Hearing Studio, every one of our team members is proud of what we do. We work hard to tailor hearing solutions to each of our patients, and our independent Audiologists offer the widest range of products to give you different options, hearing technology and solutions.

It is our experienced staff that can guide you through the different options thereby helping you find the hearing solution that fits your needs both financially and with regards to hearing quality. We can change your world! All with the help of a truly diminutive device which offers incredible results. Just contact us today and schedule your very first FREE consultation.

We Work With...

Executives & Recent Executives
Highest Quality Manufacturers
Adults Seeking Best Results
Pensioners & WorkCover Clients

Meet Our Experts



          "As an Audiologist I am right there with my client as we find that solution which makes them feel more 'connected', life is richer, more vibrant. It is an incredible experience to be a part of."

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Practice Administrator

          I was in the plastics industry. Now, I am doing work that fulfils a need in people’s lives; it really matters. The experiences that we get to share with clients are amazing!

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          "Growing up with a family next door who were all hard of hearing and still as close friends today, some of my most treasured relationships are with people who have a hard time hearing, but no trouble communicating - sometimes too much I tell them! *smile*"

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          "As a small business owner myself, it's a real pleasure to work with the team at Hearing Studio and see how well they treat people and operate a successful practice"

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          "I own and operate SuperHero Cleaning service and know that a successful business comes down to simply treating people fairly and with respect, something Hearing Studio I know gets right every time"

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Trusted Audiologists

University qualified independent Audiologists, meet Rachel Deane the founder and Principle Audiologist at the Hearing Studio


Independent Experts

Registered Commonwealth Providers, Private Health providers and all leading professional industry bodies, Hearing Studio is independently owned and operated

Best Technology

With only the best products manufactured by global leaders in hearing technology, let us find and design an incredible solution tailored for you.

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