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Best test equipment in the industry

Assess your hearing & explain results

Discuss ALL possible treatment options

Objectively review all leading products

Review your preferences; size & technology

Recommend tailored prescription


Fit to physical & acoustic comfort

Fitting verified, explained on-screen

Live speech mapping, even with spouse

Your solution is complete

Care & maintenance instruction

In-home & at-work test-drive


Initial acclimatisation complete

New auditory capacity created

Fine-tuned & further optimised

Follow-up review | 2 weeks

Follow-up review | 3 months

Follow-up review | 12 months

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If you are considering hearing aids, take advantage of a complimentary consult with one of our leading hearing care experts.

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About our team

We are Independent Audiologists who specialise in the finest and smallest - even invisible - hearing aids technology. We tailor incredible hearing solutions. And as independent Audiologists in Melbourne we offer the widest range of products from world leading hearing technology manufacturers coupled with experienced clinical expertise. If you are unsure which Audiologist to see, we recommend that you find an Independent Audiologist in Melbourne, just like us!

There is important information that you just won’t hear unless you see an independent Audiologist.

Only and independent Audiologist can objectively discuss all possible hearing solutions. If you know that it’s time to do something about your hearing and are considering buying hearing aids, why not request a complimentary consultation with our experienced Audiologists who will clearly outline all options, discuss those that are suitable for you and why, then review a selection of models that can provide the hearing experience you want. This single expert consultation will prove invaluable. You will have one-on-one time with an experienced and independent Audiologist who can explain the differences between various products and solutions as they relate to your needs.

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Why an expert Audiologist?

“Where on earth do I start if I do want to get a hearing aid?”. Well, the best solutions are NOT a do-it-yourself one-size-fits-all. If this were the case, we would all have the same hearing, but we don't. There are as many hearing aids as there are hearing loss types and finding the right hearing aid option is not easy. But we have done something about this. If you would like a plain English, up-front evaluation of your hearing needs, from an expert Audiologist whose prescription puts you first and not them financially, see a dedicated specialist clinic like Hearing Studio.

We are expert Audiologists, who offer all hearing aid options from leading manufacturers in hearing technology globally. We help transform lives and that makes us the proudest team of audiologists in Melbourne, Australia. As experienced university qualified clinical Audiologists we expertly design technological solutions that makes hearing effortless. You can be rid of hearing strain, headaches and frustration.

At Hearing Studio we are a team of passionate, caring professionals who offer a client-centric framework that places you in control. Most of our clients are executives or recent executives who live diverse, often busy, full lives. If your hearing puts up a barrier between you and your life, we can show you how to effectively and efficiently remove it.

We understand how difficult making the decision to get a hearing aid can be. But it only has to be as hard as deciding if you want better hearing. As specialists in the smallest, most discreet devices our clients results are fast and practically invisible. Don’t hesitate; book a complimentary expert consultation with our passionate Audiologists, to find out exactly what you need to know.

You’ll be impressed with their caring nature and range of experience in the industry. You’ll walk out of that first consultation with answers to the questions you’ve been concerned about, confident to wait before proceeding or ready to take the next step.

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Why us?

There are some who believe that wearing a hearing aid means you’re old, “passed it”, or too hard to talk to. But when was the last time those people spoke to an expert about the latest technologies, how small and how effective they are at avoiding misheard humiliation? How much do they really know about how comfortable they are, how they can make speech clear whilst reducing background noise - and that some are totally undetectable to others?

Don’t hesitate! We'll show you what is possible.

If you know it’s time to consider buying a hearing aid, ask for a complimentary consultation with one of our experienced expert Audiologists.

Be informed about easy, affordable and discreet solutions to that hearing issue that's becoming a problem.

Call Today! A consultation with one of our experienced Audiologists can make all the difference in the world.

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